Community Advisory Committee

Not every student learns the same way.
Some excel through traditional, book-taught, classroom methods.
Some do not.
Student centered learning rethinks where, when, and how students learn.

PMHS has been awarded $200,000 by way of a grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.  PMHS is one of seven schools in New England and the only in NH selected to receive this award. This grant was awarded to PMHS to help in the planning stages of Pittsfield School District’s movement toward an alternative to traditional education called Student-Centered Learning (SCL).

It expands education beyond the school’s walls and traditional ways while it makes the community and its resources an important part of the learning process. Project-based learning, internships, experiential learning, career technical education, peer learning, and apprenticeships are features of student centered learning.

Community Advisory Council (CAC)School District Logo

How Schools and Communities Meet the Challenge

The Pittsfield School District has organized what is called a Community Advisory Council (CAC). It is made up of local community members, area volunteers, school administrators, school board, teachers and students interested in this very exciting concept of changing the way our students learn.  Currently, the Community Advisory Council is putting together a model of how the new concept will look and be applied. By this fall, it is anticipated that the plan will be completed and presented to the community before our final grant application is submitted.

The CAC has divided into six sub-committees:

  • Policy
  • Best Practices
  • Data
  • Logic Model
  • Performance Management
  • Communications

The CAC is also working with PYW as our lead community partner through work with the Carsey Institute to further bridge relationships between school and community.

Please explore the following links for further background information:

Nellie Mae Educational Foundation

The Carsey Institute

Pittsfield Youth Workshop

Center for Secondary School Redesign (CSSR)

CAC Members

Rebekah AdamsPMHS Student
Erica AnthonyPMHS Parent
Jack BarnesState Senator, District 17
Nelson BeaudoinCSSR Consultant
Bob BickfordPMHS Principal
Susan BradleyProject Manager
Alexandra BriggsPMHS Teacher
Scott BrownPittsfield CAC Chairperson, Pittsfield Community Business Owner, PMHS Parent (Graduates),  Former School Board Chair
Bill BryanCSSR Consultant
Tobi ChassiePittsfield Director of Student Services
Colleen CorlissPMHS Student
Joe Di MartinoPresident, Center for Secondary School  Redesign
Jim DoremusDirector, Concord Family YMCA Executive
John FreemanPittsfield Superintendent
Derek HamiltonPMHS Teacher
Maryclare HeffernanSERESC Consultant
Shawnda HopkinsPMHS Teacher
Louie HouleChamber of Commerce, PMHS Alumnus, PMHS Parent (Graduate)
Gary JohnsonChief, Pittsfield Fire Department
Lynn KilchensteinPresident, New Hampshire Technical Institute
Stephanie LamerePMHS Parent
Sebastian ManteauPMHS Student
Jennifer MasseyPMHS Parent, PMHS Paraprofessional
Bill MiskoeFormer Pittsfield Planning Board Chair
Art MorsePMHS Alumnus; Former School Board Member
Ross MorsePES Parent, Former School Board Member, PMHS Alumnus
Jayne OgataCSSR Consultant
Mary ParadiseChair, Pittsfield School Board
Zach PowersExecutive Director PYW, Lead Community Partner
Tom RaffioMember, NH Board of Education; President & CEO, Northeast Delta Dental
Steve RothenbergDirector, Concord Regional Technical Center
Lois StevensPittsfield Coordinator of Student Services
Denise TowlePresident, PMHS Booster Club; PMHS Parent (Graduate); PMHS Parent
Ed VienChair, Pittsfield Select Board; Chair, Pittsfield Economic Development Committee; Neutral Conveyer
Leslie VogtDirector, Pittsfield Senior Center; PMHS Parent (Graduates)
Sheila WardPMHS ELO Coordinator; PMHS Parent
Bob WharemChief, Pittsfield Police Department