COVID-19 Community Update #5 – March 23, 2020

Pittsfield Families,

We hope that your remote learning experience is going well for your family and that you are staying healthy in the face of this pandemic.

Here’s the latest info from the district:

Administrator Schedules.  Administrator schedules are being staggered to maximize social distancing; administrators will be working from home at times.  However, at least one administrator will be on site in the district every school day.  Our district leadership team is meeting at least twice weekly to ensure coordination of programs for our students.  However, all district administrators will continue to work full time and can be reached on any school day via email.

Cleaning.  Our custodial staff is working reduced shifts in compliance with health guidance provided by the CDC.  Spaces that are used regularly throughout the remote learning period will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  Thanks to our excellent custodians!

Hot Spots.  Mobile hot spots have arrived in the district, and most have been delivered to families in need.  Families who may still be in need of tech equipment are asked to email Derek Hamilton, who is coordinating distribution of technology equipment.

Learning Materials.  Some teachers will make additional learning materials available to students as we move forward.  The district will make these materials available for pick-up from PES (for students of both schools) between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday’s.  Materials not picked up on Thursday’s will be delivered via school bus during meal deliveries on Friday’s.

Meals.  The district has received permission to provide meals to all students.  Meals are delivered between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily; in addition to lunch, meals include breakfast for the following day with varied menus for each.  Families have been requested to leave a cooler or box at your door to minimize contact.  Derek Hamilton is coordinating food deliveries; questions and requests should go to Derek.  Thanks to our outstanding food service staff!

Our PES and PMHS food pantries for those in need will continue to function during the period of remote learning.  Please contact Melissa Brown at 435-6701 or call either school office to arrange for service from our food pantries.

Registrations.  We are exploring the possibility of establishing an on-line system for new school registrations; we will keep you advised if/when we are able to do so.

Remote Learning Term.  At present, the state is directing remote learning to continue through Friday, April 3, which is considered a re-evaluation date.  We have been told that it is “highly likely” that remote learning will extend beyond April 3, possibly through the end of April or the end of the spring semester.


Resources.  Commissioner of Education Edelblut recommends two websites as resources for support:

School Board Meetings.  We hope to provide guidance regarding future School Board meetings soon.

School and SAU Offices.  School and SAU offices are open only to visitors with appointments; please do not come into the school offices without a prior arrangement.  To minimize contacts, the PES office will remain open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; the PMHS office will be closed (beginning Wednesday, March 25).  All calls will be routed through the PES office and forwarded as may be requested.

Special Education Services.  Services to students with special need will continue through the remote learning period; this includes para-educator support and related services for students who have such provisions in their IEP’s.

State Testing.  The Department of Education has not yet made a decision regarding the delay or cancellation of our annual spring testing regimen, although it has been announced at the federal level that this requirement will be waived for this spring’s testing.  The New Hampshire Department has not submitted a waiver at this time.

Tech Support.  We have been providing tech support to families who are having difficulty with remote learning, particularly with new devices and with connecting to the district with personal devices.  If you are in need of tech support, please email:

This shift to remote learning is providing us all with new, unanticipated challenges.  Your support and understanding of our changed work lives in this new world is appreciated.  As has already occurred, we’ll likely be making some changes to these procedures as we move ahead and as the public health situation changes.

We again thank our state officials for making decisions in the best interests of good health and in their strong efforts at coordination and communication.

Finally, we’d like to again express our appreciation to our school district staff members who are stepping up in response to deeply altered expectations.  We are thankful for the high level of commitment of our Pittsfield School District employees.



John Freeman, Superintendent of Schools

Derek Hamilton, Dean of Operations