SAU #51

Pittsfield NH School District

Pittsfield School District is a member of Supervisory Administration Unit #51 and consists of Pittsfield Elementary School and Pittsfield Middle High School.  Both Pittsfield schools are conveniently located near the center of town right off Tilton Hill Road.

Pittsfield Elementary School educates students in kindergarten through grade six in a 12 year old facility on Bow Street.   The school has an enrollment of 400 students and is the proud recipient of the “approved with distinction” rating from the New Hampshire Department of Education.  The elementary school has received the Blue Ribbon Achievement award for volunteerism for the past 20 years.

Pittsfield Middle High School as grades seven through twelve and recently renovated the entire building and added a major addition which doubles its size.  The Middle High School is approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education and recently received accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Both Pittsfield Elementary School and Pittsfield High School have taken a dynamic approach to curriculum development.  At Pittsfield Elementary, the Four Blocks Literary Model has been adopted.  Four Blocks places an emphasis on a multi-level instructional design.  It adapts well to all the needs of all learners.  Additionally, the school is using a social skills curriculum entitled “Responsive Classroom”.  This curriculum is designed to create a high quality learning environment to assist student achievement.

Pittsfield Middle High School recently received a Comprehensive School Reform Grant. The emphasis on curriculum development as a result of this grant will improve alignment with the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks.   Beyond curriculum, the school places a strong emphasis on personnel success in learning communities with high standards for achievement.