COVID-19 Community Update #7 – March 30, 2020

Pittsfield Families,

By now, you likely know that the Governor has extended our remote learning period through to Monday, May 4.  However, judging by reports from both the state and federal sources suggest that we may be going through the end of the school year.

We recognize that this shift to remote learning has been a challenge for many of our students and families.  We are understanding of your challenges and stand ready to support you in any ways that we can; please do not hesitate to speak with your child’s teachers or advisors if you are in need of additional support.

Our guidelines have changed quite a bit over a short period of time; we anticipate that we’ll continue to see shifts in our practices as we work to refine teaching and learning activities in the weeks ahead.  We ask for your patience and understanding in this difficult and uncertain time.

District updates:

Attendance.  PES homeroom teaches and PMHS advisors are taking attendance through daily check-ins with students.  Though not perfect, this system will allow us to keep as accurate an accounting of attendance as possible in this period.

Grades.  We have shifted our end of quarter schedule:  grades will close on Friday, April 10; grade reports and special education progress reports will be mailed home on Monday, April 20.

Learning Materials.  Some teachers are making additional learning materials available to students as we move forward; these materials are important for our students and their continued learning.  The district will make these materials available for pick-up from PES (for students of both schools) between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday’s.  Materials not picked up on Thursday’s will be delivered via school bus during meal deliveries on Friday’s.

Meals.  The district has received permission to provide meals to all students.  Meals are delivered between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily; in addition to lunch, meals include breakfast for the following day with varied menus for each.  Families have been requested to leave a cooler or box at your door to minimize contact.  Derek Hamilton is coordinating food deliveries; questions and requests should go to Derek.  Thanks to our outstanding food service staff!

Our PES and PMHS food pantries for those in need will continue to function during the period of remote learning, offering personal toiletries in addition to food items.  Please contact Mike Curtin at 435-8432 to arrange for service from our food pantries.

Resources.  Commissioner of Education Edelblut recommends two websites as resources for support:

Scholarships.  PMHS seniors are reminded to stay updated on opportunities through our scholarship folder.  The Foss Scholarship open period has begun and extends through May 4.  Other great opportunities are also included in the folder.

School Board Meetings.  The Pittsfield Board will meet in remote emergency session on Thursday, April 2.  Public will have access through a call-in number; this number will be publicized within the next few days.

School and SAU Offices.  School and SAU offices are open only to visitors with appointments; please do not come into the school offices without a prior arrangement.  To minimize contacts, all calls will be routed through the PES office and forwarded as may be requested.  We will do our very best to return all calls by the end of the following school day.

State Testing.  The Department of Education has cancelled the state testing program for this spring for all students; the Department is considering a fall test, but has not yet made a decision.  AP tests for high school students enrolled in AP courses will be held on schedule.

Please stay safe!



John Freeman, Superintendent of Schools

Derek Hamilton, Dean of Operations