Section I – Instruction

Section I – Table of Contents IC – School Year ICA – School Calendar IF – Instructional Program IFA – Instructional Needs of Each Individual Student IGA – Curriculum Development IGD – Curriculum Adoption IGDJ – Eligibility Requirements IGE -Parental Read more

Section G – Personnel

Section G – Table of Contents GADA – Employment References and Verification GBA – Equal Opportunity Employment GBCD – Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check GBD – Board Employee Communications GBE – Staff Rights and Responsibilities GBEA – Staff Ethics Read more

Section J – Students

Section J – Table of Contents JBAB – Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students JCA – Change of School or Assignment JEA – Compulsory Attendance Age JEB – Age of Entrance JEC – Change of School or Assignment – Manifest Educational Read more

Section D – Fiscal Management

Section D – Table of Contents DAF – Administration of Federal Grant Funds DB – Annual Budget DBI – Budget Implementation DBJ – Over-Expending Funds DD, FUNDING PROPOSALS AND APPLICATIONS DFA – Investment DGA – Authorized Signatures DGD – School Read more