Section G – Personnel

Section G – Table of Contents
GADA – Employment References and Verification
GBA – Equal Opportunity Employment
GBCD – Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check
GBD – Board Employee Communications
GBE – Staff Rights and Responsibilities
GBEA – Staff Ethics
GBEAB – Mandatory Code of Conduct Reporting
GBEB – Staff Conduct

GBEBD, Employee Electronic Communication Policy.doc
GBEF – School District Internet Access for Staff
GBGA – Staff Health
GBJ – Personnel Records
GBJ-R – Personnel Records
GCB, Professional Staff Contracts
GCCBC, Family and Medical Leave
GCG – Substitute Teachers
GCI, Professional Development
GCO – Teacher Performance and Evaluation System
GCQ – Non-Renewal, Termination and Dismissal of Certified Staff
GCQC – Resignation of Instructional Staff Member
GCR – Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members
GD, Support Staff