Pittsfield School District – Vote on Teacher Contract

School Meeting
7:00 p.m., Thursday, August 17, PES

Vote on Teacher Contract
Tuesday, September 19, Town Hall

What is SB2?

  • “SB2” is the name of the official ballot referenda form of government. (For more information on SB2, see https://www.revenue.nh.gov/mun-prop/municipal/documents/sb2-tech-assistance.pdf)
  • SB2 can replace the traditional town meeting form of government for voting on school funding, teacher contracts, and other articles.
  • Voters in Pittsfield voted to change to the SB2 form in March 2017, and SB2 is currently in effect for the school district.
  • District meetings will now have two sessions:
    • The first session, known as the deliberative session, is for explanation, discussion, debate, and amendments to warrant articles;
    • The second session, known as the voting session, allows voters to cast ballots to decide on articles, but does not allow for debate or discussion of articles.

Why are we having another district meeting?

  • In March, Pittsfield voters rejected a proposed teacher contract; this vote left the teachers without a contract beyond June 2017.
  • Following that vote, the voters then approved the calling of another district meeting to consider another contract.
  • In June, the School Board and teacher union agreed to new contract terms for 2017-2018, a one-year contract.
  • Another district meeting is now scheduled to consider the new proposed contract.
  • For this meeting:
    • The first session – deliberative session – will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 17, in the PES gym.
    • The second session – the voting session – will be held on Tuesday, September 19, at Town Hall during normal voting hours.

 What’s in the new proposed teacher contract?

  • The proposed contract maintains the same salary schedule in effect in the 2016-2017 school year.
  • The proposed contract also includes a number of minor language changes and updates, such as changing dates of the contract’s term; it includes no additional cost items.
  • Voters are asked for a yes or no vote on the proposed contract; no further negotiations on a contract for the new school year will take place.
  • A yes vote would allow teachers to move ahead on the salary schedule based on an additional year of teaching experience.
  • Due to increased costs to teachers for health insurance and required contributions to the New Hampshire Retirement System, a no vote would result in a cut in take-home pay for teachers.
  • The cost of a yes vote is estimated to be $66,485.91.
  • The tax impact of a yes vote is estimated to be $.25/thousand.


What do the School Board and Budget Committee recommend?

  • The Pittsfield School Board unanimously recommends a yes vote.
  • The Pittsfield Budget Committee, by a vote of 7-2, also recommends a yes vote.


And, what’s ahead for the next round of negotiations?

  • The School Board has heard suggestions that health insurance options be considered and will be doing so in the weeks ahead in preparation for the next round of negotiations.
  • Negotiations for the 2018-2019 school year will take place in the fall with a successor contract expected for consideration by voters in March 2018.




School Meeting
7:00 p.m., Thursday, August 17, PES

Vote on Teacher Contract
Tuesday, September 19, Town Hall